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Subject: The Coldest Place - Chapter 2*—————————-*The following story, novel, or chapter contains homosexual themes and is
not intended for anyone under the legal viewing age. If depictions of
homosexual activities disturb you, DON’T CONTINUE TO READ! You’ve been
warned.Do not e-mail me and complain or harass me with hate mail over this
story. I will ignore you, or, if I find your message humorous enough, I’ll
probably thank you for the best laugh of my life.Copyright 2007 - Skyler This is my second story…take it easy. Thanks :) Mine Shadow:
The Coldest Place
Chapter Two — My Next Battle
As a Confederate officer, James didn’t always get a choice about
where he was sent. That was obvious from the beginning of the Ascendancy
War, when he Lolita Teen was placed right on the front lines. During that time, he, and
his crew had proven the Galactic was more than a match for any Ascendancy
vessel. His crew had been Lolita Teen
tested from the get-go. They were mostly new
recruits, many of them from Ring Worlds — something that had caused
tension from day one. Most Cores didn’t like Rings, as they’re
characterized as slow, dim-witted, and backwards. There were more than a
few insults to send a Ring’s way, namely `Ringer’ or `Ring-head’. James had
to break up many late-night fights even between his senior bridge officers. Tonight was no exception. Commander Falke had apparently insulted
Lieutenant Aleardi, who was from a Ring World, and it took the threat of
brig time to get the lieutenant to back down. James sorely wished sometimes
everyone on his crew was from the same planet. Besides the whole ethnic problem, there was a pronounced…dislike
of homosexuals in his crew, mainly from Rings. James had encountered it on
his first day, when an Ensign mouthed the word `faggot’ to another crewman
and he saw it. Putting the ensign in the brig only seemed to further stoke
the fires of dislike. Eventually he had forced his transfer to a different
ship, the Flying Liberty. Last James had heard it was destroyed with all
hands in the surprise attack on the Confederation. Yes, James had problems with his crew. But despite all of them, he
was fiercely loyal and protective and would die for any of them. And it was
that trait the molded them together. Right now the Galactic was patrolling a part of the border with the
Ascendancy. The Confederation had lost quite a bit of ground to the
Ascendants, and this was one area they didn’t want to lose. The planet here
was Lolita Teen the largest supply depot for Confederate ships in the surrounding 250
light years. And James was sure the enemy knew that.* * * “We’re ready, Captain.” James looked over at his flight chief, who
was prepping the shuttle for launch. Command had insisted James also stop
over and tour the supply depot. Though it sounded fine on the outside,
James could read between the lines and see what Command really wanted: a
checkup to make sure the depot was commanded by a truly loyal officer. He
had heard of some officers defecting to the Ascendancy, and it truly
sickened him deep inside. What would make a man turn on his people? Greed?
James thought to himself that at least he had the strength to resist any
kind of temptation. Easily he stepped over the doorjamb and sat down in the seat next
to the pilot, a young, dark haired man who he couldn’t remember. That was
the problem with commanding a ship with over twenty-five hundred crew — it
was difficult to place names and faces. The shuttle itself was standard:
small, cramped, but the same cleanliness that you expected from Confederate
vessels. With a nod to the pilot (who was wearing lieutenant stripes), he
felt the rush of speed as the shuttle made its way to the open bay doors at
the end of the shuttle pad, and then Lolita Teen the inertial compensators kicked in
and the push of g-forces relaxed. James felt a twinge of regret at the
sudden lack of acceleration and remembered all the fun times as a child
riding on roller coasters, screaming at the top of his lungs and waving his
arms as they sped towards the ground. His ship was truly a beauty to behold, or at least, James thought
so — to himself. It was lean and aggressive, and looked like it was moving
through space with a grace that only the most slender creatures could ever
hope to achieve. It was over 2 kilometers long, and even from the distance
they were now at, he could pick out the features on the hull — a weapons
port there, a sensor dish here. Sometimes he Lolita Teen wondered at the complexity of
it all, and how simple humans ever managed to make something like it. His attention was diverted as the ship slipped away from view and a
small moon filled up the window. Down below them was the supply depot, and
presumably some leave time. That was what James was looking forward to the
most, and he guessed the pilot could see it in his eyes. “Are you ready for some time away from the ship, Captain?” The
pilot has a Lolita Teen gleam in his eye and a small smile on his attractive face. James gave a small sigh. “Yes, Lieutenant - very much so.” He
stretched back a little in the small seat, though his 6′1 frame didn’t
afford him a lot of room. He sincerely hoped the pilot wasn’t going to chat
through the entire journey. “So am I, Sir. I have some friends down on Concord. I was going to
take a few Lolita Teen hours to see them.” Inward, James sighed, again. It appeared the pilot was going to
talk. “I hope you enjoy yourself, Lieutenant.” Perhaps that short reply
would deter him. “Yeah I grew up near here, on Arindi. Have you ever been there,
Captain?” Nope, he definitely wanted some conversation. James didn’t want
to be impolite, despite the comforts his rank afforded him. “No, I can’t say I have.” “It’s beautiful, Captain! Gorgeous white sand beaches and sunsets
that get so vivid you want to shield your eyes…and the scent at night;
the air fills up with this most wonderful fragrance of fresh flowers.” It
was obvious to James that the pilot was pretty much in love with his
homeworld. “It’s like walking into a candy shop and breathing in the smell
of freshly made toffee.” Despite himself, James smiled. The pilot was really cute when
excited. Lolita Teen “I might have to check it out, Lieutenant, when Lolita Teen we get some extra
time.” “Just give me the word, sir, and I’ll show you around the entire
planet!” James simply smiled and nodded. That was really all he had time
for, since the speakers in the shuttle crackled with static. “Concord Depot to shuttlecraft. Submit identification codes.” James handed his ID chip to the pilot, who slipped it into the slot
and transmitted the codes to the depot. A moment later, a large docking bay
door opened up on the surface of the moon. James braced himself for the
depot’s gravity to overtake their own. It was always uncomfortable to
momentarily feel twice the gravity you were used to pulling down on
you. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the lieutenant wince. “We’ve arrived, sir.” The pilot informed him, a bit unnecessarily,
in James’s opinion. Outside the window he could see the depot’s commander,
or who he assumed to be the commander, waiting for him. The bay was
enormous, and filled to capacity with other shuttles and even smaller
cruisers and destroyers. He took a moment to size the commander up. He was tall, nearly as
tall as James himself, with completely black hair that was just hitting
regulation limits in length. His face was just…well, just classically
handsome, and James felt a twinge in his stomach that had nothing to do
with fear. He was suddenly reminded of how he felt when he first laid eyes
on Nick all those years ago. But he pushed those thoughts out of his mind and opened the
shuttle’s door. As the man walked near, he could see that he was outranked
– he was a First Commander, ranks above Captain. Unbidden thoughts of just
what a First Commander could do to him in bed rose up and he quickly
squashed them down. What was he thinking? He needed to be professional! “I am Captain James Pederson of the Galactic.” He stuck out his
hand, trying not to show how his heart suddenly doubled in speed when the
man’s warm hand enveloped his own. “Welcome to Concord, Captain. I’m Commander Patrick Hillerson, and
I’m at your service.” Was it his imagination, or did Hillerson just wink at
him? “I um, have my orders right here, sir.” Hillerson quickly looked them over. “We’ll worry about those
details later. Let me show you around the depot.” He pointed to another
officer, and motioned to the pilot. Without another word, he whisked James
through a door at the end of the bay. “Captain, it is a real pleasure having you here. We get so many
ships, in and out, but I rarely get the chance to meet someone new,
especially someone that has been on the front lines. What’s it like?” James recognized the hunger for information in Hillerson’s
eyes. Here was a man that longed to be in the action, but found himself
stuck watching it from the sidelines. He felt a rush of empathy and knew in
the same situation, he’d have probably gone a bit insane by now. He tried
to think of the right way to describe how it felt sometimes. “It is…painful. It’s exciting at times, especially when I’m
winning, but many times it’s a deep ache that I can’t get rid of.”
Hillerson slowed down and ushered James into a small office. He looked
around and saw the various personalized knickknacks that made it home, such
as the pictures of friends and family, a bookshelf, a framed painting of
the Earth, which was probably where Hillerson came from. “Please, continue, Captain.” Hillerson sat down across the desk and
motioned for James to find a seat, as well. James searched again for words to explain himself. “I feel like I’m
making a difference with each Ascendancy ship I destroy, but sometimes I
also wonder what difference it is that I’m making.” Hillerson gave him a very small smile, so small and fleeting that
James wasn’t sure it was even there to begin with, and his palms began to
sweat. “I am sure you know why Command asked you to come here, Captain?” “James.” Hillerson smiled. “Pardon?” “Call me James. I won’t salute if you won’t.” He gave him another smile, this one far more genuine. “James, I’m
sure you know why Command asked you to come here, right?” James nodded. “I think they suspect someone Lolita Teen is passing information
to the Ascendancy from here, but I’ve been given no real information on
it.” “They do suspect something, and I think it’s me they suspect. I
think they believe that I’ve been betraying them to the Ascendancy.” James was floored, but now a bit apprehensive. “And have you?” “No. But I have a feeling they’re right, and I think I might know
who it is. I have a lieutenant on my staff that was transferred here two
months ago. About that time a series of transmissions were detected coming
from here, but to where, we’ve never been certain.” “And you think it’s him sending them to the Ascendancy?” Hillerson nodded. “I do, at least. They were traced back to his
console. So far I haven’t said anything — I don’t want to scare off the
traitor just yet. But because I haven’t told Command yet, they’re beginning
to believe I’m covering for him.” “Why are you telling me all of this?” James asked. “I have to protect myself, of course.” “Protect yourself?” What did he need to protect himself from? Even
if Command suspected something, he hardly would be called in front of a
grand jury without some real hard evidence. If he was innocent, no evidence
would exist. “Listen to me, Captain, one officer to another. I believe in the
Confederacy. I believe that we have the right to control that which is ours
how we wish. I believe in strength, and I believe in compassion. But I am
*not* na´ve enough to assume that my position is above reproach.” James felt a thrill run through him. This was starting to feel like
a spy game, just like the ones he’d played as a child. “What would you like me to do?” “Just…look around. See what you can find. Be unobtrusive, but
figure out what Lolita Teen is going on before Command decides to use me as a…” He
was cut off by the wail of a siren and the sudden shaking of the depot. “What the fuck?” The Commander stood up quickly, sending his chair
into the wall behind him. The picture of Earth slipped off of its nail and
smashed onto the floor and at that precise moment, the lights went out. James reached out blindly for the desk that had just been in front
of him a moment ago, but only succeeded in mashing his finger against the
wall. “Shit!” He started nursing his finger. “Commander?” “I’m here, James.” The voice came from not too far to his left, so
he assumed that’s where the door must be. The depot rocked again, but James
decided the blasts were too infrequent — it was probably auxiliary fire
from the battle raging above the moon. “Looks like the Ascendancy decided to pay us a visit. They have
great timing.” He heard Hillerson chuckle. “We need to get out of this room, James. Hold on a moment.” He
heard the commander rummaging around the desk and a second later a loud
click before the room lit up in a dim glow — Hillerson was holding a palm
light. “I have another one for you. Catch!” James reached out and caught
the small metal device the commander tossed him. “Let’s get going!”To Be Continued…

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